The 30-year journey of BlueScope Lysaght’s presence in Vietnam is a journey of constantly bringing “a new breeze” to the local industrial construction market with its breakthrough industrial roofing & walling, and decking solutions from Australia.

As one of the earliest foreign investors in Vietnam since 1993, BlueScope Lysaght laid the first bricks for the nascent industrial construction industry with the rollout of roofing and walling solutions for the industrial construction market by setting up the Lysaght factory at that time. Since then, BlueScope Lysaght has taken steps to contribute to the transformation of the industry with advanced solutions developed based on the group’s over 165 years of global experience.

With three decades of operation in the Vietnamese construction industry, BlueScope Lysaght has gained a deep understanding of climate characteristics and investors’ “pain points”.

To address the “pain points”, the Company is a pioneer in introducing the “screw-free” LYSAGHT® KLIP-LOK® profile with concealed fastening for concealed clip fixing, helping the roof system slide freely during thermal expansion.

Since its launch, the solution has paved the way for a slew of “screw-free” steel lines to be born later because it is suitable for Vietnam’s tropical monsoon climates with abundant sunshine, humidity, abundant rainfall, and wind pressure.

Realizing the demand for higher leak-proof standards as the market gradually matures, in 2015, BlueScope Lysaght launched LYSAGHT® SMARTSEAM™, breathing new life to the roofing solutions in the Vietnamese market.

Many factories in the industry have chosen LYSAGHT® SMARTSEAM™, such as Logis United Hai Phong, Ashton Furniture Consolidation Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Avery Dennison Long Hau, B. Braun Thanh Oai, FM Logistic Bac Ninh, Longwell Dong Nai, and others.

It would be a mistake not to mention LYSAGHT® BONDEK® II as the ”new breeze” BlueScope Lysaght has brought to Vietnam. Launched in the market in 2017, LYSAGHT® BONDEK® II is one of the most advanced composite steel decking solutions from Australia and has been widely applied in developed markets like Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

The solution has set a new bar for composite steel decking as it can replace traditional formwork systems with large unpropped spans, facilitating safer construction by minimizing the risks of scaffolding collapse. At the same time, the solution also helps project owners reduce construction time by 20% and save costs by 15%.

LYSAGHT® BONDEK® II is applied in Landmark 81, the tallest building in Vietnam, the second tallest building in Southeast Asia, and the world’s 17th tallest building.

It is the symbol and pride of Vietnam’s construction industry and one of the iconic projects using the LYSAGHT® BONDEK® II solution during the 30-year journey of BlueScope Lysaght. Besides Landmark 81, many world-renowned projects like Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) also adopt the LYSAGHT® BONDEK® II solution to address their construction problems.

Along with market understanding and years of extensive experience, BlueScope Lysaght has constantly transformed itself to stay ahead of industry trends.

Most recently, the company has rolled out a LYSAGHT® RE-ROOFING solution into the market for the new replacement of roofs in factories that have degraded after a long period of operation, minimizing the production disruption of the factories.

In addition to the industrial construction sector, for civil works, BlueScope Lysaght has also kept up with the trend of hospitality development by introducing LYSAGHT® SMARTHOME™ with impressive “second home” models with the breath of nature.

Over the past 30 years, BlueScope Lysaght has been present in many important projects across Vietnam, including office buildings, houses, schools, hospitals, airports, power plants, and flood-resistant houses. What BlueScope Lysaght has done in Vietnam will be the premise for the company to continue to breathe new life into the local industrial construction company.


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